Top Four Things You Should Know Before Taking Gonal-F for Infertility

One of the most prescribed IVF medications today is Gonal F, which helps to stimulate your ovaries into producing viable eggs. Before taking any medication, whether it is to treat infertility or the common cold, it is a good idea to know what you are taking, why it was prescribed to you, and whether it is okay for you to take. Because everyone’s body chemistry is different what works for one person may not work for another.

This is especially true if you take other regular medications in addition to IVF drugs, because sometimes they can interfere with one another. Here are the top four things to know about the Gonal-F infertility drug before you start taking it.

One: Understand the Gonal-F Dosage You were Prescribed

Gonal-F comes in several strengths, and most ivf doctors prescribe the lowest dosage, first. You can get Gonal-F in three basic formulations:

  • Gonal-F 75 IU.
  • Gonal-F 300 IU.
  • Gonal-F 450 IU.
  • Gonal-F 900 IU.

Each of these infertility meds, regardless of strength, is injected. Keep it refrigerated.

Two: Side Effects You Can Have with Gonal-F

Most women experience zero side effects with this infertility drug, but if you do have side effects they are generally mild and include the following:

  • Headache.
  • Pelvic pressure or twinges.
  • Nausea.
  • Soreness at the injection site.
  • Acne.  

Your doctor will also give you a list of side effects to watch for. Don’t hesitate to contact them if anything seems wrong. Waiting can be dangerous.

Three: Other IVF Medications You May take With Gonal-F

Gonal-F works with several other medications in combination to help your body produce eggs that are not only viable, but stay attached longer. Other ivf meds you may be prescribed include those drugs called HcG. They help with egg maturity. Make sure you tell your doctor the various types of other medications you routinely take as some over the counter meds, as well as prescription meds, can interfere with your IVF medications and make them ineffective.

Four: You Won’t be On These Drugs for Long

This can make you feel much better when you first start injecting your Gonal-F medications, as you may hate giving yourself shots. Your doctor does ultrasounds to see if the dosage you are on is successfully stimulating your ovaries. If the ivf drugs are doing the job, then you are only going to have to give yourself the shots for less than a month.

What Others Have to Say About Their Gonal-F Experiences

Patient #1: A 26 year old woman with PCOS on her left ovary was given her first round of Gonal-F and asked on the forum what to expect. She had suffered a devastating miscarriage the year previously. Posters were glowing about the Gonal-F dosages and nearly all reported success when taking it in combination with other ivf drugs such as Metformin. Everyone reassured her and less than 10 days later at her ultrasound two eggs were discovered. They were only 10, so she will begin waiting until they are at least 14 in size. She returned 10 days later for an ultrasound and at least one egg was viable. She was ecstatic.

Patient #2: A 33 year old woman reassured Patient#1 stating she took Gonal-F from days 3-10. She only had to do two rounds of Gonal-F before she produced viable eggs. She reports she is currently pregnant and the baby is due soon.

Patient #3: This 33 year old patient ecstatically posts that she just finished with her first round of Gonal-F in combination with IUI and Ovidrel and it has worked. She is pregnant with their first child and she wants to share the good news and encouragement with anyone having doubts about using Gonal-F to help stimulate ovaries. She suffers from chronic PCOS and stage three endometriosis. They’d been trying to conceive the natural way for more than seven years and she regrets not seeking help sooner.

Want to know more about discounted IVF meds, Gonal-F, or what to expect from the IVF process? Search our Blog for up to date answers to all your questions, or call us and talk to a LIVE PERSON about your situation. We are here for you.

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